Introducing the New Först TR6P – the first and famous Först 6” Tracked chipper now with the 37hp Petrol engine as used in the hugely popular ST6P!

So why a petrol TR6?

Well there are a couple of good reasons:

1.This machine complies with the new emissions regulations which will come into play in 2019. The new law says that any diesel over 24hp has to have additional treatment in order to comply, unfortunately, that adds several thousand pounds to the cost of the engine… This Petrol engine however give you more power and is green and clean! This machine gets past the emission test scot-free.

2.Cost. This engine is cheaper than the diesel which means the cost of the machine comes down but we don’t compromise a scrap of performance or quality. This machine is a pure animal, it chips as well as a diesel, it’s fast, it’s powerful, it tracks faster and it’s amazingly fuel-efficient. Seriously you will be impressed.

What about fuel economy? The question that comes up in every conversation about Först petrol chippers, and the one we love answering! This set up, the 37hp fuel injected petrol powering the Först flywheel system is incredibly fuel efficient. There is a fraction of difference making the diesel slightly more fuel-efficient but nothing of significance. The Först chips on inertia, with a big heavy flywheel and twin 8” blades which means the flywheel is cutting every half revolution as opposed to every full revolution. This combination makes for a very fuel-efficient machine..

Not tried a Först yet? There’s no time like the present – now Europe’s leading wood chipper manufacturer thanks to so many great customers not only in the UK but in Europe too, you have to try it to believe it!