Redwood Global Ltd (Forst Global) Quality Policy – April 2024

Redwood Global Ltd (Forst Global) Senior Leadership acknowledges that Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental management are integral components of our management function. We consider these disciplines not only as a fundamental responsibility but also as the cornerstones of good business practice when adopting appropriate quality standards.

1. Quality Management

Our quality policy is centred on the pursuit of continuous improvement in our quality management activities. Our business operations adhere to the following principles and the ISO Scope:

  • The manufacture, sale, hire, and service of wood chipping machinery and associated Consumables.
  • The COP scope is also inherent in our Quality Policy in terms of manufacturing Category 01 & 02 Trailers.

2. Our Commitments

We pledge to:

2.1. Compliance: Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the global locations where we operate.

2.2. Continuous Improvement: Embrace a culture of continuous improvement, making the most effective use of our management resources in all quality-related matters.

2.3. Communication: Communicate our quality objectives and our performance against these objectives throughout our organisation and to relevant internal and external stakeholders and interested parties.

2.4. Safety: Take due care to ensure that all our activities are safe for our employees, customers, suppliers, and all other parties who come into contact with our work.

2.5. Collaboration: Collaborate closely with our customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders to establish the highest quality standards. Actively seek feedback from stakeholders to drive continuous improvement.

2.6. Forward-Looking Perspective: Adopt a forward-looking view when making business decisions, taking into consideration potential quality impacts and interested parties including whether climate change is a relevant issue.

2.7. Training: Provide comprehensive training for our staff on the requirements and responsibilities of quality management.

2.8. Continuous Improvement: Commit to the ongoing enhancement of our Quality Management Systems.


3. Quality Standards

To fulfil our quality requirements, we are dedicated to operating in a manner that sustains registration to the International Quality Standards ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Additionally, we will comply with all relevant Conformity of Production (COP) and Type Approval requirements in the locations where we operate.

4. Policy Review

Our commitment is to review this Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management Policy at regular intervals and at least once every 12 months. This ensures that we are achieving our stated objectives and that the policy remains pertinent to our company and all relevant stakeholders.


Raymond Gardner


Doug Ghinn