Customer: Treelife

‘We haven’t really found anywhere we can’t take it yet.’

Most UK-based arborists won’t have a regular job that requires the need to avoid lions and giraffes, but for Treelife’s team it’s a weekly occurrence. Treelife are contracted by Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable to provide weekly maintenance across the full 600 acres of the site. When we visited them to discuss their reasons for having a Först-only fleet of woodchippers, we found them and one of our TR8 tracked woodchippers at work in a picnic area between the rhino and giraffe enclosures.

Treelife was founded over 15 years ago and operates predominantly within Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties. The team currently runs a fleet of three Först woodchippers comprising of two-wheeled machines, an ST6 and ST8, and the tracked TR8 they had on site at Whipsnade.

Team leader Pete explained that one of the key reasons for running a Först fleet is down to their power and performance:

“Först machines just have so much grunt, and don’t miss a beat regardless of what we’re running through them. The diesel engine on the TR8 in particular is really powerful. They’re just really solid machines.”

With all the different animal habitats and public areas, the team encounter at Whipsnade Zoo come a variety of terrains and hard to access locations, making the TR8 tracked woodchipper the perfect machine for their work on site.

“When we get on site here we’re given a list of work that the zoo’s tree specialist needs doing, so we don’t often know what’s in store until then. The TR8 is the perfect machine for the variety of locations we need to access and work we need to do here. We haven’t really found anywhere we can’t take it yet.”


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