Customer: Yarra Eco

“The power to weight ratio is much better than other brands we’ve used”

Josh McDowell, the owner of Melbourne-based tree surgery company Yarra Eco, first heard of Först woodchippers thanks to a number of British ex-pat arborists now living and working in Australia.

“A large percentage of climbers in Melbourne are originally from the UK, and therefore are exposed to UK-based companies and brands via social media groups and networks. This is how we first became aware of the machines offered by Först.”

Yarra Eco typically undertake smaller to medium-sized jobs, predominantly pruning and hedge reductions, and ordered their new Först ST8D through dealer Global Machinery Sales when the time came to purchase a new woodchipper.

After working with his machine, Josh is pleased with his decision to invest in a Först following a period of research.

“When looking to purchase a woodchipper, our main considerations were price, reliability, performance and weight. We’re currently running one Först ST8D, and overall it’s a fantastic machine. The power to weight ratio is much better than other brands we’ve used in the past, and it doesn’t struggle or get clogged with smaller foliage due to the twin rollers.”

Global Machinery Sales are Först’s Australian dealer partner, operating out of both Melbourne and Sydney. They supply the arboriculture, forestry, access and landscaping industries with quality machinery and parts, offering both sales and rental options.




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