Först woodchippers

Pre-season deal, not to be missed

It’s called Först Factory Finance and we’re using it to kick those rates in the teeth!

Först are doing it again, hopefully you know by now that we’re all about helping our customers out and we’re moving in with a super pre-season finance deal to give you the chance to get that brand new machine, but not at a silly rate.

We’re offering a £1,000 subsidy on the purchase of all new woodchippers during pre-season, to help get you ready.

£1,000 subsidy

How are we doing it?

It’s a factory finance deal. This means we’re the ones taking a cut, it’s as simple as that. There is nothing hidden in this deal and there’s no unnecessary small print.
We’re simply cutting our margins to help you out. It’s called the long game, what goes round comes round and we’re firm believers in that.

So if you’re thinking about upgrading but you’ve not crossed the line yet then talk to us, this is a great chance to get an excellent deal, let’s be honest it’s a bit of a buyers’ market so why not jump in and make the most of it.

Simply get in touch with our sales team and discuss this special Factory Finance deal. Don’t wait too long, it’s a pre-season special so won’t be around forever.