Customer: Tom Boswell

“The best thing about dealing with Först is the after sales service.”

Tom Boswell has always considered customer service to be his top priority since starting his business, Tom Boswell Tree Services, 13 years ago.  Not only the service that he and his 10-strong team of arborists provide their clients throughout the West London area, but also the level of service he receives from his suppliers.

Tom purchased his first Först woodchipper over 5 years ago and has remained loyal to the brand since then thanks, as he explains, to the level of customer service he and his team receive:

We’ve used Först chippers for a few years now. The machines are well built, easy to maintain and reliable. But the best thing about dealing with Först is the after sales service. Any member of our team can contact the FörstAssist guys to get an answer and solution quickly. Parts are sent out fast, and their engineers will guide our teams through many repairs via a phone call.”

Tom, who now runs three Först ST6P machines in his fleet, appreciates Först’s commitment to minimising downtime when maintenance or repairs are necessary:

“As a small business we really cannot afford our machines to be unavailable, and the guys at Först are very aware of this which is great for ensuring we are back up and running in no time.”

Max, one of Tom’s crew, praised the performance of the Först ST6P woodchipper when asked about it during a site visit clearing trees in the grounds of a new build development in Hanwell, West London:

“They’re so easy to use, regardless of the type of material we’re putting in. It just means we can focus on the job and get through it with minimal stress.”

Why not book an onsite demonstration of a Först woodchipper and see for yourself?