Customer: Treesmiths

“I wouldn’t say we’re anywhere near Först’s biggest customer, and yet we feel completely valued by them.”

TreeSmiths, based in Horsham, West Sussex, specialise in domestic tree surgery and utility arboriculture – predominantly working along power lines in the South East. The company was started in 2012 by brothers Sam, Ben and Charlie Smith, and has continued to expand to over 30 employees (including sisters Dionne and Rebecca!) and five Först machines with another on the way.

“Our business started growing at the same time as Först. So we bought our first TR8 and have never looked back really – we’ve got five machines now with a TT6 on order.”

When asked why they continue to add Först chippers to their fleet, which also includes five very impressive Unimog vehicles, the brothers talk about how it’s clear that Först puts the customer first – even when it comes to designing the machines.

“Little things like having a see-through fuel tank and central greasing points; just loads of things that make it easier for us day to day.”

Being able to buy directly from Först and having the relationship with the manufacturer is also important to TreeSmiths, not just when it comes to purchasing machines but also in regards to aftersales service.

“There’s no delay on parts or service like there can be with a dealer who works across a load of brands, because it’s Först selling their own parts and servicing their own machines. I would say, their aftercare is the best I’ve ever known in any form of business. I wouldn’t say we’re anywhere near Först’s biggest customer, and yet we feel completely valued by them.”

TreeSmiths are really keen to continue building a business that is known throughout the South East for setting high standards, not just in the quality of work they do but also ensuring the highest levels of compliance, safety and regulatory adherence which is obviously important given the utility work they undertake. For that reason, they need their machines to come from manufacturer with the same objectives.

When challenged to describe their Först machines in three words, Ben’s response was rapid and didn’t require lengthy consideration:

“Efficient, powerful and reliable.”

We are not going to argue with that!



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