A winning partnership

In the autumn of 2020, Först put a post on LinkedIn for existing arboriculture and agriculture machinery suppliers in Ireland to get in touch for a dealership opportunity. Within 45 minutes Glendun Plant Sales, based in Dungannon, had answered the call. Following an initial meeting in November of that year through to the present day, the two brands haven’t looked back and the partnership has gone from strength to strength.

Director of Sales & Marketing for Glendun, Dermot Cunnie, explains that woodchippers were a new product line for the business:

“We knew very little about woodchippers or any of the makes in the market. I’d become aware of Först after seeing several machines in some of the hire companies that we were already dealing with in the supply of other products.”

After that first meeting, Dermot says it was obvious there were some clear synergies between the two companies in terms of commitment to quality products and market-leading customer service:

“We were able to hit the ground running immediately with a plan put in place for a dedicated focus to enhance, support and grow our brands together. The partnership has worked closely together to get Först firmly on the map for all of Ireland, with the ultimate aim to be the number one brand for woodchippers on the island.”

In February 2021, Glendun brought Sales Engineer Marcus Nelson on board to support Först sales and it’s safe to say he has enjoyed sharing the machines’ benefits with both new and existing customers:

“Först is a great product to sell throughout Ireland. The attention to detail and build quality of the woodchippers puts them head and shoulders above the competition. On-site demonstrations with the Först machines is where they really perform. I enjoy demonstrating the Först product because I know it will impress every time.”

A steady stream of machines started making their way over the Irish Sea as word spread throughout the arboriculture community, and customer feedback has certainly been positive. Marcus recalls a conversation with a customer who converted to Först from a competitor brand:

“He was blown away with the speed, performance, in-feed roller aggressiveness and chip quality of the Först. He told me ‘My team completed a job which beforehand would have taken two days in just half a day with the new chipper. This is solely down to the speed of the feed rollers and design of the chipping chamber of the Först. As quick as we can feed the branches to it, they’re chipped and gone.’”

With comments like that, the future is bright in Ireland and the Emerald Isle is rapidly turning a Först shade of orange. Först’s commitment to customer service is mirrored by Glendun who take pride in sharing the value of every customer being a VIP. As Marcus explains:

“It’s important to have back up and aftercare support from your Först dealer and we at Glendun pride ourselves with our aftersales service. As we all know, woodchippers can have a tough life so excellent back-up support is a key to keeping our busy customers operational.”

From Först’s point of view, having a dealer partner who so evidently lives and breathes the value of the brand makes working with the Glendun team such a pleasure. Först Sales Director, Kenny Brock, explains:

“Glendun’s commitment to their customers was evident from the very first meeting. Since then, the partnership has continued to grow thanks to their drive and commitment to delivering a quality product to their customers across Ireland, and a level of customer service that outstrips the competition.”

For more information on Först products in Ireland or to book a demonstration, please contact Marcus Nelson at Glendun on [email protected] or 07926128704. Or visit their website www.glendunplant.com.