Going the extra mile

We are fortunate to have some very passionate Först fans around the world, and recently someone displayed their love for our woodchippers by driving nearly 2,000 miles to collect one! Having been researching wheeled woodchippers, Heinrich Braun from Denmark settled on a Först ST6P after reading positive reviews online and watching content on our social media platforms.

Since Heinrich also had some meetings to attend in the North of England, he drove the to the Rotterdam-Hull ferry from his home in Ringsted before heading down to our headquarters in Andover to collect his new machine in person.

Despite having not had a demo of the chipper, Heinrich was confident he’d made the right choice based on his research:

“It really looked like a professional and reliable product. That was the main reason for choosing the Först. In addition to this to also have the option to contact a professional team of technicians, if needed, was a critical factor for me.”

Heinrich has now had the chance to put the new machine to the test after the long journey home (and completing some fun paperwork with the Danish customs authorities!), and has been impressed with its performance as well as the service received from Först:

“All in all I have experienced a great and professional team at Först and an excellent service. And also now having tested the machine myself, I’m very happy with my decision to purchase my professional woodchipper with this great company.”