Petrol Woodchippers

Först ST6P

6”x 8” Petrol

Brilliantly brilliant. The fastest selling sub 750KG wheeled woodchipper for a good reason. Fast, aggressive, fuel efficient and emission compliant. What’s not to like?

Först ST6P HD

6”x 8” Petrol

The best redefined. Relaxation of UK towing regulations inspired us to bring even more to Europe’s best selling 6” petrol woodchipper. It’s a genuine heavyweight.

Först TT6

6” x 8” Turntable

The most dynamic machine in the range yet. A sub 750KG wheeled woodchipper on a 360 turntable delivering phenomenal chipping performance. Incredibly compact. Incredibly good.

Först TR6P

6” x 8” Petrol

The outstanding TR6P makes for a fast, powerful, fuel-efficient and cost-effective way to get yourself a petrol tracked woodchipper. Fast-tracking will get you there quickly with no loss of torque and variable tracks as standard allow you to manoeuvre through tight entrances.

Först ST8P

8” x 10” Petrol

The famous Först 8 Series with a 57hp Kubota petrol packing plenty of punch and power. A high-performance emission compliant alternative to the diesel range if you would rather operate petrol machinery.